Article 1: General

The company SARL VAISON PISTE operates and manages the site entitled "VAISON PISTE".

This track is intended for the practice of motorized leisure activities (training, testing and formation), with the exception of all

official competitions or not. We reserve the right at any time to modify these internal regulations. The use of the tracks and

infrastructures of SARL VAISON PISTE automatically entails the unreserved acceptance of these internal regulations. Failure to

comply with one of the clauses of this regulation will be penalized by the immediate exclusion of the offender without any

compensatory indemnity or refund, the offender may be subject to legal action. Any degradation caused by the user will be his

responsibility. The speed circuit is approved by prefectural decree of May 23, 2019, the regulatory requirements of which are

binding on all.

Article 2: Schedules

The site is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Unless otherwise provided for in the rental contract.

Use of the asphalt track is possible: from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Rental rates are available on our website as well as at reception in our building. Management reserves the right to close the

site for maintenance or holidays.

On request, an arrival the day before only at the end of the day (for parking) is possible, sanitary facilities, showers and car

parks can be made available.

Article 3: Insurance

Any user of the circuit must demonstrate, at the latest on the day of use of the infrastructure, that he individually has civil

liability insurance for the use of his vehicle on the circuit, out of competition or timed events. Likewise, during an exclusive

rental by a professional or a club, the organizer must provide a certificate of civil liability of the event organizer at the latest 30

days before the event.

Without an insurance certificate, access to the track will be strictly prohibited. SARL VAISON PISTE cannot be held responsible

for accidents to which users (pilots or accompanying persons) may be victims, both bodily and material, nor for theft, damage

or disputes arising between users.

SARL VAISON PISTE is never the keeper or custodian of vehicles or equipment present within the circuit and cannot be

responsible for any theft or damage occurring within the site.

Possibility of taking out AUTO body insurance at € 12, covering € 31,000 in the event of permanent disability and € 15,000 in

the event of death.

Article 4: conditions of access to the site

Access : Access to the public is strictly prohibited. Only people using the circuit and their companions can enter the site. The

mere fact of entering the site supposes having read and fully accept these regulations, and the risks associated with

mechanical sports activities, this under their full responsibility, without possible recourse against the owner or the operator. of

the circuit, unless it is proven an inexcusable fault of the latter.

Car parks : The parking of vehicles, within the circuit, will be carried out exclusively in the car parks designed for this

purpose. Any new arrival on the site wishing to use the circuit, or previously registered for this purpose, must report to the

organizer in order to carry out the administrative formalities (see chapter 5).

For parking your vehicle, please provide a tarp.

Travel and traffic conditions on the site are subject to compliance with safety rules and the highway code. The maximum

speed of movement in the car parks is limited to 20 km/h.

The practice of motocross, trial, quad, ATC, mini motorcycle or pocket-bike, motor scooter..., on service roads, parking lots and

hillocks is strictly prohibited, under penalty of legal proceedings.

Article 5: Administrative formalities

For individuals who do not pass through a club or a company, administrative checks are carried out at the reception

desk. Upon arrival, and prior to any access to the runway, drivers and passengers must:

- Have completed an individual contract for the use of the track by registering online

- Have provided a civil liability insurance certificate for their vehicle, or have taken out one through VAISON PISTE (see

article 3)

- Have paid in full the sums due (see article 6),

- Have read the layout of the circuit, and these regulations,

- Be able to present their valid driving license (or license),

Once the customer and his vehicle (s) are in compliance and the administrative procedures have been carried out, he will be

assigned an individual bracelet for the day, he must imperatively follow the instructions of the Track Manager.

For the organizers who rent the circuit exclusively, the administrative formalities must be finalized no later than 30

days before the day of the event . Namely :

- Have completed and signed a rental contract,

- Have provided an organizer civil liability insurance certificate,

- Have paid in full the sums due (see article 6),

- Have read the layout of the circuit, and these regulations,

- Provide professional certificates (diploma and insurance) of any stakeholders they would use (marshals, doctor,

instructors, photographer, etc.)

Article 6: payment

For "Free Practice" days, payment can be made online via our site , or directly on the same day at

reception (subject to availability - from 7:30 am and 1:30 pm).

Any trail fees taken and paid cannot be refunded for any reason.

Regarding the exclusive rental, all of our services are to be paid according to the terms appearing in the said rental contract.

Article 7: Conditions of use of the slopes

Only participants and passengers are allowed on the track when they are in their vehicle. No passenger in the back of the

vehicle is allowed (car or motorbike). Accompanying persons must stay in the car park dedicated to them.

The direction of circulation of the circuit is clockwise.

Any driver is civilly and criminally responsible for bodily injury and material damage he could cause on the entire site. The

users undertake to obey any indication (lights, flags...) which will be given to them by the management.

The management reserves the right without restriction to interrupt the development of users at any time for safety reasons,

for example: dangerous behavior, bad weather (ice, fog, snow, heavy rain...), condition of the unsecured runway (oil, gasoline,

gravel, etc.), necessary maintenance work (shoulders, runway cleaning,...).

Four-wheeled open or closed body vehicles with at least two seats must have the wheels covered over more than 120° of their

circumference. All user vehicles, whether two or four-wheeled, must not show any protruding parts. They must be in perfect

condition (condition of the brakes, tires, absence of oil leaks,...), otherwise they will not be able to access the track. Heavy

goods vehicles are prohibited on the track.

For motorcycles, mirrors, headlights, indicators, crutches,... must be dismantled, taped or tied ; Fixed footrests are prohibited

and it is mandatory to have Teflon (hard plastic) protections under the footrests. It is mandatory to have oil and gasoline

collectors, waterproof even when the motorcycle is lying down.

Liquid cooling: water only.

All people driving in the car park must wear at least a helmet even to go to the sound level meter control.

Motorcycles must be equipped with an original exhaust or another exhaust with a baffle. motorcycles type super-bike are

prohibited from driving on the circuit. The noise limit remains at 95DB, any motorcycle that does not respect the decibels

will be excluded from driving.

The protective cover under the vehicles (cars and motorcycles) is compulsory on the paddocks in order not to pollute and to

keep them clean.

Sound emission control:

Free exhausts are prohibited. At all times the noise must be limited to 95 dB MAXIMUM.

A noise measurement will be systematically carried out on all vehicles, before their first entry onto the track as well as in

dynamics. This measurement will be made at a distance of 0.5 m and at an angle of 45 ° to the point of exit of the exhaust.

Motorcycles control :

The admissible sound level is 95dB (A) in static at a speed corresponding to the table below, in accordance with the FIM

specifications, or any new FFM standards replacing it:

1 cylinder 2 cylinders 3 cylinders 4 cylinders

125 cc 2 Stroke 7,000 rpm - - -

600 cc 5,000 rpm 5,500 rpm 6500 rpm 7,000 rpm

750 cc 5,000 rpm 5,500 rpm 6000 rpm 7,000 rpm

Above 750cc 4,500 rpm 5,000 rpm 5,000 rpm 5,500 rpm

Car check: The maximum noise level is 95dB (A), the measurements are taken at three quarters of the maximum speed in

static and then directly on the track dynamically.

If the sound level of the vehicle were to exceed 95 dB when driving or in the paddocks, the vehicle would be immediately

excluded without the driver being able to ask for any refund.

Article 8: Safety instructions for users and passengers

Our goal is to offer you good driving conditions on the track with maximum safety for you and other users, which is why:

- By cars : Traffic is limited to a maximum of 18 cars simultaneously on the track

- By motorcycles (marshals included) :

Open MOTORCYCLE day : 25 motorcycles maximum simultaneously on the track.

Day 4 groups : Gr1 beginners : 30 / Gr2 intermediates : 30 / Gr3 intermediates : 25 / Gr4 pilots : 20

Day 3 groups : Gr1 beginners : 30 / Gr2 intermediates : 30 / Gr3 pilots : 20

- You must scrupulously follow the instructions given by the course manager and the traffic lights (see chap. 9).

- Adopt a sporty behavior, remain humble in relation to your level of driving, respect the other participants, do not

overestimate your vehicle or yourself. Even the best drivers make mistakes, it is track events that reduce everyone's

taxiing time, everyone to adopt responsible and safety-related behavior to promote maximum taxiing.

Circuit driving is taxing and can be dangerous or even fatal, which is why:

- Wearing a helmet, in accordance with NF or European standards, is compulsory for everyone (driver and passenger),

the visor must be lowered. In the event that an unapproved helmet is worn, SARL VAISON PISTE cannot be held

responsible for any damage.

- For 4-wheel vehicles, the front and rear towing hooks, if they are removable, must be in place and easily accessible, in

addition, wearing a seat belt (or harness) is mandatory, we recommend all 4-wheel vehicles not fitted with roll bars, not

to take passengers, for their safety and that of their passenger.

- For 2-wheeled vehicles, in addition to the compulsory wearing of helmets, a 1-piece or 2-piece zipped leather suit, back

protector, gloves and suitable boots must be worn. Carrying passengers or backpacks on motorcycles and karts is

strictly prohibited.

- Carry out at least one lap of the circuit at a moderate pace in order to allow you to recognize the layout, the

particularities of the day, and the behavior of your vehicle, it is also advisable to perform this action at the end of your

driving session for the backing up your vehicle. It is forbidden to overtake intervention vehicles on the track.

- No user is allowed to go to the scene of an incident or accident without the prior consent of the course manager.

It is strictly forbidden to turn around on the circuit. Likewise, it is forbidden to stop or get out of the vehicle, except in cases of

force majeure (breakdown or oil leak), otherwise, in the event of mechanical problems, finish the engaged lap at moderate

speed, outside the trajectories., and go out to the pits.

In the event of an oil or other liquid leak, you must park immediately on the side of the track, out of the paths, so as not to

damage the surface and not cause an accident.

There is no competitive spirit to be had, drivers and vehicles can have different performance, you benefit from long driving

times with few vehicles on the track, which is why it is forbidden to avoid or to prevent being overtaken if a vehicle catches up

with you, on the contrary, you must facilitate its overtaking by indicating to it using your flashing light that you are letting it

pass you, and if necessary, by reducing your speed. It is always the overtaking vehicle that changes course.

The practice of drifting is prohibited.

Any acrobatics or attitude contrary to the elementary driving rules (wheeling, burn-out, acrobatic driving position,...) will result

in immediate and definitive exclusion.

Anyone whose behavior or vehicle is deemed dangerous, which could endanger their safety or that of others, will be, by the

management or the course manager, expelled temporarily or permanently, and this without any reimbursement being able to

be claimed.

Handling of flammable products should be avoided; they must be done with the authorization of the management or the

course manager, accompanied by all the necessary safety measures (fire extinguishers, suitable clothing,...).

Note : The use of a fire extinguisher or absorbent bags will be billed in accordance with the current rate published in our


Article 9: Signage to be observed

You must be aware of the location of the lights on the circuit before entering the track, a map is displayed at reception.

Red light or red flag :

Interruption or end of session: A major track incident has occurred requiring the intervention of a track machine to free

the vehicle, or end of the driving session, finish his lap at moderate speed and return immediately to the pits.

Flashing amber light or yellow flag :

An incident has occurred on the runway or on a portion of the runway (spinning, minor runway excursion, object on the

surface,...), you must slow down and not pass another vehicle.

Black Flag :

Concerns a particular vehicle: Your vehicle has an anomaly (leak, abnormal noise, part coming loose,...) or your behavior is

considered dangerous, this requires an immediate stop in the pits.

Article 10: Subletting and shops

Except with the express written authorization of the manager of SARL VAISON PISTE, subletting is strictly prohibited on the

site, and more generally, all businesses or sales (clothing, equipment, services, catering,..) on the site are prohibited.

Article 11: Exit from the site

All circuit users are reminded that when leaving our site, after their training or training session, all drivers are required to

comply with the regulations in force in our country for traffic on public roads. He must in particular respect the highway code,

and the speed limits imposed, his vehicle must be in good standing with the regulations in force, and in particular be approved

for this purpose, have its compliant equipment and its tires in a state of normal wear.

Article 12: Image rights and publicity

Image rights and advertising rights on the site are the sole property of SARL VAISON PISTE. Thus, we reserve the right to use at

our discretion any photos, videos, or films taken in our enclosure, even if these photos and films make it possible to identify

people and vehicles, this for advertising, commercial or not. . In addition, no advertising may be materialized on the circuit

without the express written authorization of the circuit management.

Article 13: Miscellaneous

The introduction of alcoholic drinks or narcotics, and their consumption, are strictly prohibited within the circuit. Around and

inside the stands, garages, reception and training room, and on the circuit, it is strictly forbidden to smoke, cook, eat or

picnic. The latter is tolerated on the 1st car park. For your meals on the site, a catering area is specifically dedicated for this


Animals are only tolerated inside the "accompanying car park", kept on a lead, and muzzled if necessary depending on the

classification of the animal, they are prohibited inside the "Paddock" and buildings.

Article 14: Pollution and waste treatment

Users must ensure that no polluting substance spills into nature or on the track, and they must deposit their waste and sort it

in the bins provided for this purpose on the site. In the event of damage to the site by a vehicle (loss of oil, etc.), or by its

owner, the latter will have to pay the costs of repairing the circuit and its equipment.

Any deposit of materials (tires, bodywork components, mechanical parts, cans,...) must be recovered by the owner under

penalty of exclusion and legal action.

Article 15: noise

The customer is fully informed of the sound limit not to be exceeded: 95 dB maximum.

The customer undertakes at no time to exceed this limit of 95 dB, otherwise he would be fully liable, both judicial and

pecuniary, for this exceeding of the authorized limit.

No refund will be possible in the event of noise overrun during sound checks